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Oakwood Wellness Podcast

Learn how you have better health holistically by learning about the 6 steps to Wellness. Hear patient testimonials on the different subjects talked about. Key note speaker is Doctor Stuart J. Yeager who is a Chiropractic Physician specializing in holistic health for over 35 years, with co-host Nancy Yeager who is an RN. Contact us at 801-943-3355 or at

Apr 17, 2017

Dr Stuart Yeager shares his story about why he went into wholistic health care and introduces why it works and has 2 guests share their stories on how he was able to help them overcome their health issues.



            Shares her story about her Bi-polar disorder Anxiety and depression and how wholistic Health     care solved her health puzzle.



            Shares her story about her severe allergy's and auto Immune issues that were causing her rheumatoid arthritis.  She shares how wholistic health care treatments gave her life back.